May 14, 2024

Deploying the logger in the bore hole

Alexander helping in the start up of the drinking water melter yesterday.

After some more trimming of snow walls, this evening the drill trench was ready for our old bore hole logger to be deployed, and the bore hole logger was ready as well after some debugging and repairs by Martin and Dorthe. Hopefully the data from the logger will help us understand more about how the ice moves and deforms here at EGRIP. On the surface a second grooming of the skiway was carried out, and Sverrir and Sepp worked on installing the main water melter next to the dome. J.P. made sure our pallets with excess cargo from last year were brought to the surface, and that the surface was levelled in their vicinity. Aslak worked on both the ceilometer and the bore hole pinger, as well the wifi coverage in camp. Martin installed the motion detection radar on the top of the dome with some assistance from Bo. Alexander turned his attention to our crane Pistenbully, checking/adjusting pumps and changing a hose as well as a mirror cover. Again, today we got ice cream for dessert, this time with lemon flavour. It is a rough life on here on the ice sheet!

What we did today:

  1. Mounted melter for consumption water.
  2. Repaired drinking water melter.
  3. Groomed the skiway a second time.
  4. Serviced crane Pistenbully.
  5. Debugged the logger and deployed it in the bore hole.
  6. Debugged bore hole pinger.
  7. Made a wireless connection for the ceilometer.
  8. Finished trimming of inclined trench.
  9. Installed motion detection radar on dome.
  10. Installed distributed camp siren system.

Weather today: Clear skies and temp. from -30°C to -18°C. Wind: 9-20 kt turning from S to W during the day and finally veering towards N in the evening and decreasing. Visibility: Unrestricted.

FL, Bo M. Vinther