Monday 10th June 2024

The Canadian Ken Borek Air Basler DC-3 arrives at EGRIP

The beautiful Basler DC-3 from Ken Borek Air arrived from Canada with a stopover in Kanger

As we have more Hercules flights planned this week, camp focuses on getting retro cargo made ready. It is important that we bring the camp weight and volume down to an amount that can be transported on a traverse next year. Today electrical cables were pulled out of the trenches and the packing down of the workshop in the drill trench progressed. The work on the intermediate drill setup continued with the digging of the inclined trench that the drill tower will tip into. A power line will connect to the white tent so the drill can run on main camp power. At 9 pm we received a Canadian Basler DC-3 airplane in camp. The Basler flew from Canada to SFJ and shortly onwards to EGRIP today. In the coming days, the plane will be shuttling to the ‘Winkie’ camp to close down that site.

What we did today:

  1. Continued setting up intermediate drill system in white tent
  2. Started building retro pallets for Skier mission later this week
  3. Pulled out most power cables from trenches
  4. Connecting white tent to main power line
  5. Received Basler CFBKB with 3 crew

Weather today: Fortunately, the good weather continues at EGRIP (in contrast to Summit station, central Greenland, where weather has been hampering flight missions for a week). We had another calm and mostly sunny day and cross our fingers that it continues during the week where we it is planned camp will be a busy airport. Temp. from -18°C to -8°C. Wind: 0-12 kt mostly from SW.

FL, Anders Svensson