2018 – University of Copenhagen


Field season 2018 documentation

The Field Season plan for EGRIP 2018 (Final version, 09.05.2018) is the plan for the field work, and contains a description of the objectives of the field season, a list of the participants, and various practical and technical information. All field participants must read the field plan to be acquainted with the camp rules, and will be required to sign a liability waiver form upon arrival in Kangerlussuaq and before departure for the camp.

Situation reports

The SITREPs (situation reports) are prepared weekly by the Field Operations Managers (FOMs) who run the field office in Kangerlussuaq on the Greenland West coast. All situation reports will be published during the field season when prepared by the FOMs – see links below.

A SITREP contains a summary of the week's main science and logistics activities together with a list of personnel and cargo movements. The SITREPs are logistical and technical reports in contrast to the  field diaries  that describe the daily life and science progress in the camp.

EGRIP SITREP, 01, APRIL 17-29, 2018

EGRIP SITREP, 02, APRIL 29 - May 6, 2018

EGRIP SITREP, 03, MAY 7 - MAY 13, 2018

EGRIP SITREP, 04, MAY 14 - MAY 20, 2018