Liability release – University of Copenhagen

Liability release

All field participants will need to sign a declaration of liability release. The declaration is signed before deployment and will be kept in the field operations office in Kangerlussuaq.

By signing the declaration, each participant also expresses understanding that it is the responsibility of himself/herself or his/her home in stitution to cover the costs of medical treatment and repatriation, and/or arrange appropriate insurance cover. By signature, each participant also confirms that he/she will follow the safety guidelines outlined in the field plan and follow instructions given by the field operations manager, the field leader, and flight crews.

The EastGRIP project aims to have qualified medical staff in the camp at all times, and is prepared to arrange medical evacuation of field participants or visitors if deemed necessary by the medical staff and field leader. However, participation in the EastGRIP field work or visits to the EastGRIP camp are performed at your own risk, and each participant (or his/her institution) is responsible for obtaining medical clearance and insurance.

By joining the Eastgrip fieldwork , each participant waive any rights to hold University of Copenhagen, the EastGRIP project, or any project staff members liable for any non-deliberate injury or damage caused e.g. by accidents, failure of equipment, or during medical treatment. Each participant will have to sign a declaration that he/she understands that it is the responsibility of himself/herself or his/her home institution to arrange appropriate insurance cover for personal injury or liability.

Evacuation from the camp to a medical facility will as a general rule be arranged by and covered by the project.

The Liability Waiver can be found here.