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The EastGRIP project aims to have qualified medical staff in the camp at all times, and is prepared to arrange medical evacuation of field participants or visitors if deemed necessary by the medical staff and field leader. However, participation in the EastGRIP field work or visits to the EastGRIP camp are performed at your own risk, and each participant (or his/her institution) is responsible for medical clearance and insurance.

Costs related to evacuation from the camp to a medical facility will be covered by the project, but each participant (or his/her institution) is responsible for arranging cover of costs of medical treatment and repatriation.

All participants going to the EastGRIP camp for field work (except for short visits, see below) are required to pass a health examination and screening prior to being accepted in the field. This is handled by Danish Arctic/Antarctic Medical Unit (DANAMU). Please read the guidelines and deadlines below.

Guests at EastGRIP

You are not subject to the medical approval procedure if you are visiting the EastGRIP camp for up to a week during a period of flights to/from camp, as a plane normally will be available for prompt evacuation during the visit in camp. However, due to the high altitude and harsh conditions on the ice sheet, visitors should be in a healthy condition.

If in doubt, we advise visitors to have a standard health check performed by a doctor before going to the EastGRIP camp.

You are always welcome to contact the medical doctors at the DANAMU if you have further questions. Contact information can be provided by Center for Ice and Climate.

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Medical Questionnaire and Examination

Field participants staying for more than a week are required to pass a health examination and screening prior to being accepted in the field. Usually it takes at least 1-2 weeks to get all results from a medical test.

Participants from countries that has a national medical test procedure for polar areas can normally use this test. Test results should be sent to the DANAMU for final approval. Please observe the 6-week deadline.

Participants from Denmark or countries with no established test procedure should use an appropriate clinic and the standard test procedure given in the Medical Questionnaire and Examination form (avialable here). The first part of the form is completed by the field participant, while a doctor conducts a medical test and fills in the second part of the form. You will need a statement from you dentist (available here) and the Liability Waiver (available here). These forms are part of your medical papers.

A medical test is normally valid for one year. However, different medical conditions may require further/newer test. Therefore, an already taken test must be sent to the DANAMU for evaluation and a final approval. For deadlines and addresses read below.

It is your responsibility that the form arrives at the DANAMU 6 weeks before the planned outward travel date in order to have it evaluated by the Medical Unit. Do not rely on the testing facility to send the test results.

(The medical papers may in some occasions arrive DANAMU later than the 6 weeks, but then please contact us. Bear in mind, if some of the test fails and needs to be repeated you might not be able to get the final approval before entering the field)

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Testing Facilities for Danish Participants

Make an appointment one of the two places:

Amaliegade 33 D
1256 København K,
Phone ++45 33 48 92 63
(Booking Monday-Friday 8:30-14:00 or

Lægeklinikken v/ Maryanne Gundestrup
Rødovre Centrum 529
Indgang J, 5 sal
Rødovre DK-2610 Danmark
Phone: +45 30 74 60 79 (Booking Monday-Friday 8:00-16:00)

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Submission of Medical Test Results

Once you are on the EGRIP manning plan you will receive an e-mail from EastGRIP Medical with information about the medical procedure. Including links to the documents, where and how to submit to the secure DANAMU server. The participant will receive a unique ID in order to follow status on the approval procedure.

If you should not have recieved this e-mail (please check your inbox and spam filter) by the end of March 2018, please contact Marie Kirk by mail including your name and period of stay in Greenland.

It is the field participant’s own responsibility to make sure that the Medical Questionnaire and Examination including all test results papers, x-ray, dental declaration and Liability Waiver are uploaded to the Danish Arctic/Antarctic Medical Unit (DANAMU).

Alternative to the online upload will be: send three copies of all papers to:

Postboks 876
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

(this could add 1-2 weeks to the procedure, please inform us if you use the ”snail-mail” option)

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6 weeks before fieldwork, the Danish Arctic/Antarctic Medical Unit (DANAMU) must receive your medical Questionnaire and Examinations, dental declaration and Liability Waiver for final evaluation.

1-2 weeks after the upload the participant will receive the final approval by the Danish Arctic/Antarctic Medical Unit (DANAMU).

(The medical doctors will contact the participant direct in case of medical related questions)

All participants will need the final DANAMU approval before entering the field!


All information about you and your health held by the Danish Arctic/Antarctic Medical Unit (DANAMU) is confidential (as you would expect with any health records). However, because of the nature of Arctic/Antarctic service, it might be necessary to involve non-medical senior staff of the EastGRIP Project (e.g. the field leader and field operation manager) in the care and evacuation of personnel.

Non-medical senior staff is only involved when it is necessary for the safety of you or your colleagues. Information might then be passed to relevant people in the EastGRIP project on a strictly “need to know” basis to assist with planning of operations. All involved individuals are required to respect the confidentiality of such medical information.

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