Medical test procedure – University of Copenhagen

The EastGRIP project aims to have qualified medical staff in the camp at all times, and is prepared to arrange medical evacuation of field participants or visitors if deemed necessary by the medical staff and field leader. However, participation in the EastGRIP field work or visits to the EastGRIP camp are performed at your own risk, and each participant (or his/her institution) is responsible for medical clearance and insurance.

Costs related to evacuation from the camp to a medical facility will be covered by the project, but each participant (or his/her institution) is responsible for arranging cover of costs of medical treatment and repatriation.

All participants going to the EastGRIP camp for field work (except for short visits, see below) are required to pass a health examination and screening prior to being accepted in the field. This is handled by Danish Arctic/Antarctic Medical Unit (DANAMU). Please read the guidelines and deadlines below.

Guests at EastGRIP

You are not subject to the medical approval procedure if you are visiting the EastGRIP camp for up to a week during a period of flights to/from camp, as a plane normally will be available for prompt evacuation during the visit in camp. However, due to the high altitude and harsh conditions on the ice sheet, visitors should be in a healthy condition.

If in doubt, we advise visitors to have a standard health check performed by a doctor before going to the EastGRIP camp.

You are always welcome to contact the medical doctors at the DANAMU if you have further questions. Contact information can be provided by Center for Ice and Climate.

Medical Questionnaire and Examination

New medical procedure is under development and will be published here when ready for release.