We are prepared for the planned flight tomorrow – University of Copenhagen

29 April 2016

We are prepared for the planned flight tomorrow

Sepp is sampling blowing snow.

Our airport (skiway, apron and all markings) is ready to receive the planned flight tomorrow. The landing area is smooth and hard. We have high hopes that the flight crew on tomorrows flight will find it adequate. Our weather forecaster had warned us of upcoming strong winds and blowing snow, so we prepared by reconstructing the snow floors in the garages so we could get equipment out of harms way. In a camp such as EGRIP, it is vital that all boxes and pieces of equipment is either marked with bamboo poles or is stored inside buildings. Forgotten items will soon get buried in the drifting snow and will thus remain forgotten. The wind came on schedule, and hopefully it will loose power on schedule too. Otherwise we cannot receive a plane tomorrow.

We passed the evening snuggled up and cozy in the dome.

What we have done today:

  1. Pulled tank 1 into camp and refueled generator.
  2. Dozing and grooming in front of the garages and in camp area.
  3. Using snow blower to put snow into garages to reconstruct even floors.
  4. Storing equipment in garages.
  5. Working on PB no.2. It will not start.
  6. Grooming skiway and apron.
  7. Computer work on new internet interface for camp.
  8. Waiting out blizzard in main dome.

Ad. 5: We communicate with Pistenbully service on solving the problem.

Ad.7: We are making progress with new interface; but we are still not

Ad. 8: High winds hit us at 16.00 just after some snow showers. The fresh
snow gave the wind something to play with. The blowing snow forms a 2m
thick layer. It is not pleasant to be outside on the ground. Nevertheless, grooming of the skiway and apron continued until 20.30.

Weather today: In the beginning clear, at noon overcast with snow, later clearing but with high winds. Temp. – 15 °C to -22 °C, Wind 5 kt WSW to 25 (gusting 30 knots) from S.
Visibility: In the morning to horizon, during snow 1 km, later 2 km.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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