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04 May 2016

Never a dull day

 Wednesday 4th of May 2016

Chris and Hans Christian are working on the main snow melter.

There is always something to do in camp, not only planned tasks; but also bothersome jobs and surprises. As can be seen in the list of things we have done, we've accomplished a lot. Getting the water system going in the main dome has turned out to be more bothersome than expected; but we will get there. The surprise was the main generator playing tricks on us. This is the last thing we would want. To all appearances, the problem has been solved, so in the evening we could all relax and several were watching a movie. Springtime stable weather is here again after the “heatwave” last week. We have very stable, but cold conditions. The wind can be up to 7 m/s and with morning temperatures below -30 °C, the wind chill is considerable.

What we have done today:

  1. Laid cables to both garages. They do now have power.
  2. Sorted out and unpacked cargo.
  3. Working on establishing water supply from main snow melter.
  4. Placed the cooks snow melter outside and activated pump and taps.
  5. Reconstructed all drainpipes under main dome.
  6. Stowed dry food in cooks food store in the fourth weatherport.
  7. Oil change and repair on main generator.
  8. Outfitted three weatherports with bunkbeds.

Ad.3: Overnight, the main snow melter filled with water. This morning we established the water supply to the main dome; but due to many leaks in the system (it has not been used since 2012), we lost too much water and the supply lines to the main snow melter froze. Tomorrow, we will unmount the pipes and melt them in the generator shed.

Ad.5: We have brought a complete drain kit for the main dome. This was mounted. The drains are insulated with electrical heating.

Ad.7: Last night at 0300, the main generator stopped due to an oil pressure alarm. All mechanical aspects of the engine were fine, including oil level. We therefore changed the computer and at 0500 were able to start the generator. This morning, the computer continued to give out oil pressure alarms, although it didn’t stop. We concluded that the oil pressure alarm was caused by a faulty pressure sensor. As the generator was due for an oil change anyway, we changed pressure sensor at the same time. Since then the main generator has been running nicely.

Weather today: Sunny and clear. Temp. – 22 ºC to -34 ºC, Wind 5 - 10 kt from WSW. Visibility: To horizon (same as yesterday).

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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