Eastern half of the future EGRIP camp now has electrical power – University of Copenhagen

06 May 2016

Eastern half of the future EGRIP camp now has electrical power

Friday 5th of May 2016

The laying of cables to the weatherports.

As power and heating is now available in the weatherports, people can begin to move into them. Also, one weatherport is assigned as non-freeze food storage.

Tomorrow, we will move food from the main dome (so far the only non-freeze building) into the weatherport. This will give much more space in a cramped dining area. We are now so far in camp construction that we are ready to begin the task of constructing the future science trench and drill trench. This will be a large undertaking as the underground snow caves cover an area of  80 m long by 25m.

What we have done today:

  1. Cable laying finished in NE side of camp. Weatherports now have power.
  2. Excavated both Flexmobils. Both are now running.
  3. Repairs on weatherport stiching now completed.
  4. Unpacking and sorting equipment from carpenters sled: Plumbing, electrical and carpenter items.
  5. Beginning to organize carpenters workshop.

Ad.1: The paths and position of the cable has been photo documented. We
decided to avoid to lay cables behind the dome (in relation to the front
door), as snow from this area is pushed into the snow melter. The cables
leading to the NE end of camp run around the front of main dome; but in
such a distance that a future ramp for pulling the dome up will not
interfere with the cable.

Ad.5: The stitching in several weatherport covers is getting weak. We
have made repairs with an awl and ordered a tarp sewing machine.

Weather today: Sunny and clear. Temp. – 22 °C to -33 °C, Wind 10 kt from SW.  Visibility: To horizon.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

Friday 6th of May 2016

Partial mirage: Our distant skiway markers appear to be in a valley on an otherwise flat ice sheet.

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