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09 May 2016

It is beginning to become exiting

Monday 9th of May 2016

The weather today did not allow for good pictures, so here is a picture of Hans Christian Steen-Larsen mounting a joint CIC and GEUS automatic station.

In the excavation of the trenches, we are now in a phase where we have to be precise in our work. We are cutting the shapes that have to fit with our balloons. The next few days will be exiting. After we have completed excavation, we are going to lay out large balloons which we will inflate and the subsequently bury in snow. When the snow hardens, we will deflate the balloons, leaving a cast snow cave behind – we hope!

Several people were busy sampling the exposed trench wall. For the first time since put-in we had warm temperatures and low clouds all day. The mood in camp is good.

What we have done today:

  1. Excavating trenches to 4.5 m depth.
  2. Repair on old Yanmar..
  3. Sorting out balloon cargo.
  4. Fixing major leak around two windows.
  5. Taken snow samples along trench wall.

Ad.1: We are now excavating the precise part of the trenches that fit the balloons. The trenches are now so deep that out mechanic has modified the snow funnels for more height.

Ad.4: Since we came, we have been wondering why there was so much draft in the kitchen. At first we believed that a lot of insulation along the edge of the floor had broken open during the traverse last year. This morning, Christian found out why. During the traverse, the triangular window next to the cooks spice shelf and the window behind the coffee machine, have slowly settled deeper in their triangular holders, causing the top of the window to leave its seal and create a 1 cm gap between window glas and frame. Christian fixed the leak with foam tape and silicone sealant. That helped.

Weather today: Overcast and poor coontrast. Temp. – 11 °C to -31 °C, Wind 10-15 kt from SW. Visibility: 2 km.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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