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28 May 2016

EGRIP on a day with mostly in-door activities

Saturday 28th of May 2016

Christian, Joel and Malte are fighting the drifting snow while installing the cable well.

In was really cold to workout side today, but a few things needed to be done due to increasing snow drift. Our cables had to be covered before they got buried so we mounted a wooden box around all cables that terminate at the generator and the hot water pipes that supplies the main dome with heat from the engine on the main generator. In the trenches, Christian, Malte and Joel built the main staircase up to just below the lid on the surface. When the wind drops, we will extend the staircase through the floor/lid and mount a tent on top.

It was Saturday evening, and Kaitlin cooked us a nice dinner, chicken with peanut and sesame pasta, and pumpkin cake for desert. We had a lovely evening. Some played cards and some watched ice drilling movies.

What we have done today:

  1. Cleaned up in camp to avoid losing items in snow drifts.
  2. Installing cable and pipe well at generator.
  3. Built staircase until bottom of lid/floor above.
  4. German science activity.
  5. Saturday evening, Kaitlin cook.

Weather today: Sunny but windy all day. Temp. –17 °C to -27 °C, Wind 20 kt, gusting 28 kt from E turning SV. Visibility: 2 km. Blowing snow. The wind has made a full 360 degrees turn in 48 hours.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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