Busy Sunday – University of Copenhagen

29 May 2016

Busy Sunday

Sunday 29th of May 2016

Group picture on science trench roof. From Left to right: Christian, Christoph, Sarah, Malte, Joel, Chris, J.P., Kaitlin and Sepp.

Today, weather improved, and we could continue outdoor activities. The list below has many good tasks completed. The cave system now has three entrances, the ramp, which can be closed at times, and an elevator and stairs which are covered by tents and less weather sensitive.

During the week, the issue came up whether the roof over balloon trenches was strong enough to carry itself and even an extra weight on top. The design was made after careful study of snow, ice and in particular snow blower snow. We are aware, that a there is a lot psychology involved in working underground “without a roof”. But snow is the roof and to calm future workers in the trenches, we demonstrated its strength today by parking two 8 ton Pistenbullys, a one ton Yanmar and a 350 kg snowmobile and 9 people, all on top of the roof of the science trench. We took a group picture as proof. As expected, nothing happened. Personally, I would never have parked a Pistenbully on top of a “traditional” wooden roof.

What we have done today:

  1. Staircase, floor and tent finished.
  2. Worked on cables to SV side of camp..
  3. Finished leveling ground on trenches with Yanmar.
  4. Grooming skiway.
  5. Maintenance on big snow blower and parking it. PB2 now has blade again.
  6. Removing snowdrifts around Weatherports.
  7. German science activities.

Weather today: Sunny all day. Temp. –13 °C to -34 °C, Wind 5 - 10 kt from SW and SE. Visibility: to horizon.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

Sunday 29th of May 2016

The proud staircase builders, just before a tent was raised on top of the almost 7 m deep stairwell. The builders are: Christian, Malte, Kaitlin and Joel.

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