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30 May 2016

How to make ends meet

Monday the 30th of May 2016

Evening in the kitchen. Christoph, Malte, Sarah and Kaitlin engaged in a game of cribbage.

We have postponed folding the balloons and stowing them, because of  strong winds forecasted. Instead, we focused on laying cables and grooming the taxiway and apron.

In the morning, it looked as if we had cable enough, but during the day it became evident, that we are short of  approx. 150 m cable. How is this possible? We have a packing database that contains in excess of 500 boxes. When we look up electrical, we get  a list of boxes also containing cables. Unfortunately, the database does not say if somebody has already taken out e.g. a cable. Tomorrow, we  will continue our search, maybe we will find the missing piece.

Otherwise things are progressing according to plans. Tomorrow, we will  begin to make cargo ready for sending out on the plane on Thursday.

What we have done today:

  1. Excavating cable trenches and laying cables. Looking for more cable.
  2. Grooming taxiways and apron.
  3. Made box for little ramp balloon: “The prune”.
  4. Surveying trench area.
  5. German radar work on NW side of ice stream.

Weather today: Sunny, with periods of overcast. Temp. –12 °C to - 22 °C,  Wind 10-15 kt from S and WSW. Visibility: mostly to horizon; but during overcast down to 2 km.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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