A successful visit by a member of the Danish government – University of Copenhagen

08 June 2016

A successful visit by a member of the Danish government

Wednesday the 8th of June 2016

Minister Ulla Tørness and driller Trevor Popp with an ice core from 1730 AD.

The planned visit by the boss of all Danish researchers, minister for Research and Education Ulla Tørness went well. The weather was playing nice, and the plane landed at 11.00. There was time for a 2 hour guided tour of EGRIP camp and refreshments.

While the visitors were here, the Twin Otter landed at taxied into camp. After re-fuelling, the Twin Otter took off again, leaving an impression of a busy airport among our visitors.

The take-off became, as usual with DV visits, a little more dramatic than we had hoped for. At the time of take-off, the wind decided first to become almost calm and then it turned and temperature rose to -8 C. The plane made several attempts to take-off, but finally made it.

What we have done today:

  1. Handling two Twin Otter missions for the Nettles group.
  2. Grooming load pad.
  3. Working on tables in science trench. Examining Danish bore hole with camera.
  4. Work at Swiss drill test site.
  5. Received Hercules plane from Kangerlussuaq with distinguished visitors, fuel and cargo.
  6. Preparing two pallets of cargo to go back to Kangerlussuaq.

Ad.1: The Nettles group successfully retrieved the seismic station at NE-4. Now only NE-3 and NE-6 need to be done.

Weather today: Sunny all day. Temp. -8 °C to -20 °C. Wind 10 kt from W. Visibility: To horizon.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

Wednesday the 8th of June 2016

Danish Minister for Research and Education, Ulla Tørness and assistants wave good bye as Christian and Trevor drive them to the plane.

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