Sunny Sunday – University of Copenhagen

12 June 2016

Sunny Sunday

Sonday 12th of June 2016

Surface snow sampling in clean snow area Norwegian style 1: Kerim

Following the tradition, camp had a slow start Sunday morning. As the weather was quite pleasant, several groups went sightseeing on the skiway, walking, skiing, or skidoo-ing.

Nettles seismic group terminated the EGRIP leg of the program by picking up the last equipment north of camp.

The beautiful, red, ski-equipped Twin-Otter plane, that has been using EGRIP as a hub over the last week, has seen a lot. The aircraft started its career in the sixties in Vietnam before it moved to higher latitudes, where it has been operating for among others Air Greenland and Icelandic Norlandair. The Twin-Otter air planes operating out of Iceland are in high standing among people working on the ice sheet.

The instruments picked up by Nettles group on the Twin-Otter have been monitoring seismic activity in Northern Greenland. Besides conventional global seismic activity, the stations also pick up signals from large glacier calving events along the coast of Greenland. In agreement with several other glacier survey studies, Nettles group observe a significant increase in glacier calving over large parts of Greenland.

What we have done today:

1.    Placed two more beams for drill tower support in drill trench
2.    The final Twin-Otter mission picked up remaining equipment at site NE-6
3.    Recovered casing and closed a leak at Swiss drill test site.
4.    Setting up and calibrating instrumentation for the surface processes
5.    Re-sampled snow surface profile in the clean snow area

Weather today: Mostly sunny with some clouds in the morning. Temp. -7°C to -17 °C. Wind 7 to 17 kt from SW and W.

Surface snow sampling in clean snow area Norwegian style 2: Iben

Jan busy in the kitchen preparing Saturday night dinner (yesterday)

FL, Anders Svensson

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