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29 June 2016

A perfect wooden floor

Wednesday 29th of June 2016

Thomas working on the wooden floor in the drill trench.

One of the tasks we have for this period is to make a plywood floor in the drill trench. Our carpenter Thomas with Nikolas, Christian and Camilla as helpers worked all day on the floor. We are planning the floor to be ready for Saturday and will test the perfectly levelled floor with a bowling tournament.

What we have done today

1.    Worked on floor in drill trench
2.    Resampled snow surface profile in the clean snow area
3.    Removed snow around the trench staircase
4.    Dug and sampled a 2 m deep Japanize snowpit
5.    Found all needed electrical cable and plugs for the drill- and science trench
6.    Checked the water system
7.    Enjoyed Josefine’s amazing meals

Ad 3. The snow is already closing in around the staircase in the vertical ballon shaft. We cleared the snow away so the staircase is free again.

Ad 6. Our water use has increased. The water system was checked for leaks but none where found.

Ad 7. Josefine is totally spoiling us with fantastic food. For lunch chicken with risotto with canterel, for dinner creamy potato soup with fresh bread, potato omelet and various salads and for dessert crunchy apple with cream. (I apologize for my too simplified description of the meals)

Weather today: Sunny all day. Temperature -16 °C last night increasing to -7 °C in the afternoon Wind 6-10 kt from SW.

Chef Josefine in the EGRIP kitchen.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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