Drone in action – University of Copenhagen

26 July 2016

Drone in action

Tuesday 26th of July 2016

Aslak launching the drone Cumulus One

Today Aslak launched the drone Cumulus One from the camp with warm batteries. The drone ascended to 500 m and flew a grid of 14 5 km lines with 200 m spacing over camp. After the grid was completed the drone flew to the descend spot and went down to 30 m and then dropped to the surface. Quiet impressive. The pictures from the drone will be used to produce a very high resolution elevation map of the ice stream.

What we have done today:

  1. Reamed the pilot hole
  2. Resampled snow surface profile in the clean snow area
  3. Moved the logging cabin to the trenches and assembled it
  4. Changed battery in the generator
  5. Made top storage in carpenters garage
  6. Made the first successful drone grid over camp
  7. Celebrated Bo’s birthday

Ad 1: The EGRIP pilot hole was reamed with the 135 mm reamer to a depth of 74 m.

Weather today: Blue sky all day. Temperatures -18 °C during night and evening and up to -8 °C in the day. Wind 10 kn from W during the day decreasing to 5 kn in the evening.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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Tuesday 26th of July 2016

Aslak retrieving the drone