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28 April 2017

We now have a village.

Friday 28th of April 2017

Kenji and Trevor are throwing snow blocks from a haul of blocks from the trenches.

Today was a big construction day. As the wind had gone down, the weatherport tent buildings were hauled from winter storage and placed at the designated construction sites. In the meantime, more snow blocks were hauled from the trenches.

After lunch, construction began in earnest. Seven people were involved in the construction. As the wind picked up, and temperatures dropped, it became a struggle to finish the last two. Work was completed at 19.20. The forecast for tomorrow looks rather grim, so we were happy to have at least four buildings up.

Tomorrow, we will mount bunk beds etc. so the four tent buildings can be used for quarters. There was also time for some grooming on the skiway. All skiway markers have been reset, and this involved the pulling up of 400 bamboo sticks. The main generator diesel was started after overhaul today, and tomorrow we will test it on-line. Only for a short while though, as several stages of adjustments and tuning are needed.

What we did today:

  1. Overhaul on main generator. Work is progressing nicely with no concerns so far.
  2. Groomed center skiway, and raised all skiway, apron and taxiway markers.
  3. Removed snow around the dome.
  4. Second Pistenbully issues with the blade controls are repaired.
  5. Cutting and removing snow blocks from trenches.
  6. Working on electrical wiring, and modifying lamps for the cold.
  7. Building four weatherports in preparation for increased population, and laid out foundations for tree more.
  8. Planning the load composition for the next plane with the office in Kangerlussuaq.

Ad.7: Reference to the Field Plan: WP 5: 10 x 15; WP 6: 10 x 15; WP 7 12 x 20; WP 8 12 x 20 (New model). In preparation: WP 1: 12 x 20 (New model); WP 2: 12 x 20 (New model), WP 3: 10 x 10; WP 4: 12 x 12 (New model)

Weather today: In the morning thin hazy overcast and slight snow, later clear. Wind low during most of the day. At 17.00 the wind turned 180 degrees and increased. This was associated with a sudden drop in temperature. Temp. -20 °C to -32 °C. Wind: 5 kt – to 20 kt from N turning to S. Visibility: To horizon.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

Kenji, Grant, Trevor and Dennis are building a weatherport.


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