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18 May 2017

Thursday 18 th of May 2017

A very busy dining area at supper time.

We received two planes – and one got stuck due to bad weather.

Today weather really showed how quickly it can change. The day began fine with beautiful flying weather: Sunshine, good wind along the skiway and good visibility. The Twin Otter departed Summit station 350 km away and landed at 10.05 at EGRIP with two pilots and four passengers. Their job was to maintain a surface snow measurement station for an associated American/Danish program. The plan was to work some hours and then return to Summit.

At Noon we received an LC-130 with people and supplies for EGRIP from Kangerlussuaq. 14 new EGRIP members arrived, and we said good bye to 4. At 13.10 the LC-130 departed, and the crew was very satisfied with our skiway. At 14.30 weather suddenly changed: The wind picked up, clouds came rolling in and it began to snow. In the middle of the change, the Twin Otter departed towards Summit; but weather deteriorated so fast, that they were forced to return to EGRIP and spend the night. We are now 35 people in camp, the kitchen was crowded, and our cook was so tired at the end of the day, that she went to bed early. Hopefully, it will be possible for the Twin Otter to return to Summit tomorrow.

What we did today:

  1. Received GL 890 Twin Otter with maintenance crew for the snow surface station.
  2. Received Skier 41 LC-130 with people and supplies for camp. Skiway received an upgrade.
  3. Bad weather at Summit station and at EGRIP forced Twin Otter pilotsto return to EGRIP to wait until weather improves.
  4. Work in the drilling trench. Beginning to mount the drill.
  5. Test of radar. Were able to track approaching Twin Otter 8 km away.
  6. Working on drill electronics. One electronic section repaired.
  7. Abdalathi group finished maintaining snow surface station.
  8. Tried to build WP 2; but blizzard stopped construction.
  9. German snow sampling.
  10. Japanese aerosol sampling and snow experiments in progress.
  11. Water vapour sampling, methane sampling, boundary layer and meteorology station working.
  12. Very busy day in kitchen, camp has 35 people tonight.

Weather today: Sunshine until 14.30, then overcast, snow and blowing snow, clearing in the evening. Temp. -9°C to -21°C. Wind: 10 - 27 kt from SW. Visibility: To horizon in the morning. Down to 500 m in the afternoon.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

Thursday 18th of May

Weatherports and a parked Twin Otter just after the snowfall ended.

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