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31 July 2017

Monday 31st of July 2017

The Velux window on the way to the top of the Dome.

Top VELUX window

We have received a gift from the VILLUM Foundation – a VELUX top window to replace the homemade window in the cupula on the top of the main Dome. To get the window to the top and outside the roof of the cupula the Pistenbully crane was used. Sverrir and Chis was in charge and it was a great show enjoyed by all in camp. The window gives nice light in the cupula. Thanks to the Villum Foundation.

What we did today:

  1. Deep drilling core length at 19.00: 9.39m.
  2. Drillers depth at 19.00: 770.46 m.
  3. Shallow drilling S3 ice core. Length 19.35 m, depth 20.86 m.
  4. Water vapour, methane, aerosols, snow and boundary layer measurements.
  5. Physical properties measurements.
  6. Water isotope sampling for sublimation studies.
  7. GPS and Drone mission to the northern shear margin.
  8. Installation of VELUX top window in Main Dome.
  9. Installation of re-mineralization filter on drinking water.
  10. Maintenance of Cabin Pistenbully.

Weather: Sunny winds from 3 to 8 m/s from W to SW and temperatures from -16 °C to -8 °C.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Trevor digging the trench for the shallow drill

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