Sun is setting at EGRIP – University of Copenhagen

16 August 2017

Wednesday 16th of August 2017

Sunset at EGRIP.

Sun is setting at EGRIP

After August 13th the sun touches the horizon around 0:30. Weather has been overcast but this night was clear and cold (-25 deg) and for the first time this year we could observe the sun actually dip under the horizon for 20 min around 0:30. Besides from the hard work by all packing down, the highlight of yesterday was the rescue of a little bird named Bruce by Emma and Martin, who have adopted the bird and will bring it out to Kangerlussuaq.

What we did today: 

  1. Packing and winterizing deep drill equipment.
  2. 2 weatherports taken down.
  3. Dk/US/N clean area tent digged out and taken down.
  4. Grooming of midpart of skiway.
  5. 2 science and drill retro equipment pallets built.
  6. Cooling system disattached.
  7. 2 sledges cleared so the packed weatherports can be stored here.
  8. Levelling of camp with Pistenbully.
  9. Check and replacement of windblown skiway flags.
  10. Packing food in kitchen tent.

Weather: Sun with wind 0 m/ to 4 m/s from variable directions, temperatures -27 °C to -10 °C.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Plover Bruce adopted by Emma and Martin.

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