First official Saturday evening in camp. – University of Copenhagen

05 May 2018

 Saturday 5th of May 2018

Alexandra and H.C. are setting up the water vapour station.

First official Saturday evening in camp.


Although the weather continues to be cold and unstable, and German Basler again was cancelled, we did some work on the surface and in the trenches. As all infrastructure in camp is working, we were able to celebrate Saturday evening in the usual style. People cleaned up, took showers, dressed up and met for dinner at 19.00. Volunteer cooks were Jens Christian, Karl Emil and Sune. They served a classical Danish dish:

Medister sausage, brown and white potatoes and red cabbage. For dessert: Ice cream. It became a cosy evening; but already at 22.30 the main dome was quiet. People were simply tired.

What we did today:

  1. Moved all food from ice core storage to cooks freezer.
  2. Activated web cam and on-line weather from EGRIP:
  3. Cleaned up in Carpenters workshop.
  4. Outfitting weatherport 1.
  5. Setup ventilation tent on drill trench.
  6. Cleaned up in mechanics garage.
  7. Setting up water vapour sampling site.
  8. Groomed skiway, taxiway and apron.
  9. Preparation work in drill trench.

 Ad.4: Camp has now 30 beds.

Weather today: In the morning thin overcast with fog and clearing, after 14.00 increasing cloud cover, snow and blowing snow. In the evening clearing. Temp. -24°C to -28°C.  Wind: 11 to 18 kt from NNW turning to N.

Visibility: 1-3 km, in the evening 5 km.


FL, J.P. Steffensen


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