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24 May 2018

 Thursday 24th of May 2018

First day of processing. Full activity in the science trench.

Core processing has begun.


Today, core processing began with a full team. They processed 8.25 m, however many small adjustments were needed, and people need to get into the routine. The PARCA team left us this morning flying to the former NEEM site and onwards to Qanaaq. Because the weather in the past week has been good, the PARCA team is ahead of schedule, and they wanted to press on. It was a pleasant visit. During the day, the wind went down from 12 kt to 4 kt, and the evening became so lovely that many made trips to the skiway or around camp enjoying the Sun. The drillers are assembling the long version of the drill. They will test it, and then they will switch to the short version. The remaining part of the brittle ice from 900 m to 1250 m depth will be drilled with the short version.

As the long version will be ready, the change at 1250 mfrom short to long drill will take only one day.

What we did today: 

  1. Mounting long drill on tower.
  2. Mounting new table in drill trench.
  3. Ice core processing to bag 641 - 658 (361.90 m).
  4. Repairing snowmobiles.
  5. Cutting snow blocks from ceiling of entrance tunnel.
  6. Seeing the PARCA Twin Otter off at 07.00.
  7. Water vapour sampling and measuring.
  8. Few short missions with drone for water vapour sampling.
  9. Surface snow sampling.

Weather: Fine all day. Temp. -14 °C to -26 °C.  Wind: 4 kt to 12 kt from SW.
Visibility: Unrestricted.


FL, J.P. Steffensen

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