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02 July 2018

 Monday 2nd of July 2018

RADIX camp, 27km NW of EGRIP.

Two camps

For almost a week EGRIP camp has had the company of another small camp 27 km away. At this RADIX site a new rapid access drill is being set up for testing by Jakob, Remo and Dorthe. On today’s picture the different parts of the RADIX camp can be seen: The white drill tent, the red (“tomatoes”) living quarters and a sled with a flexmobile. At the RADIX site, drilling preparation continued today, but the casing hose would neither be tight nor be pulled out of the hole. Hopefully tomorrow the casing will be loose again. In the drill trench here at EGRIP cleaning of the bore hole continued with a further 150 kg of chips recovered. Hence a total of 450 kg of chips have been recovered from the bore hole so far. The drillers expect the hole to be clean so drilling can start up again Tuesday. The processing line, the physical properties measurements and the isotope CFA are all in a good mode with steady production, barring some difficulties with a compressor used for laser instrumentation

What we did today:

  1. Filter runs retrieving a further 150kg of chips from the main bore hole.
  2. Processing of EGRIP main core in the science trench, final depth: 1234.75 m.
  3. Measurements in isotope laboratory, final depth: 802.45 m.
  4. Measurements in physical properties laboratory, final depth: 1213.30 m.
  5. Water vapour sampling and measuring.
  6. Japanese snow crystal and surface monitoring.
  7. Preparing for drilling at RADIX site.

Weather: Sunny most of the day Monday. Temperature -20 ºC to -7 ºC. Wind veering from SW to S, slowly increasing 4 kt to 11 kt Monday evening.

FL, Bo Vinther

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