Camp life – University of Copenhagen

Sarah the cook in the ware house in Kangerlussuaq packing food - and having a little fun Save

Praying? Doing push-ups? Save

Field Leader J.P. after some serious snowblowing Save

It's been a hard day's night! Save

Kaitlin dragging snow from the clean snow area to the drinking water barrel. Save

Field Leader JP in the cupola Save

Trimming the trenches and moving the excess snow away is hard work Save

When trimming the trenches, chain saws are convenient Save

Doctor H.C. taking a break Save

Cook's freezer Save

The team gathers in the sun Save

Bowling! Note the salsa pin to the left. Save

Pushing excess snow up the ramp from the trenches Save

Feeding frenzy! Save

Saturday night entertainment. Tilting skidoo style. Save

Debating climate change communication in the main dome. Save

The Tällberg group debating over coffee. Save

A break in the sun Save