April 18, 2023

Kangerlussuaq office is open

First FOM of the season, Marie, in front of our warehouse with the first cargo on the truck.

This year, we are looking forward to a very exciting field campaign at EastGRIP camp. Focus will be on the deep drilling and the plan is to reach the bedrock.

The 2023 EastGRIP season has now started, and the first Field Operation Manager (FOM), Marie, arrived to Kangerlussuaq yesterday. The field office is up and running with phone and internet connection. The field office will be open until late August and will be the logistics gateway for the EastGRIP operations. The first field team is planned to arrive in Greenland on April 22nd and the put-in is planned for 24th of April. Daily reports will be posted and available online here at the EGRIP webpage once the camp is open and operational.

The first load of cargo, for the EastGRIP field season 2023, has been shipped to Kangerlussuaq in Greenland with Blue Water Shipping, and was picked up by Marie, who drove it to our warehouse.

Focus for the next coming days will be on getting the operational essentials established before the put-in team arrives on Saturday with Air Greenland from Copenhagen. This includes getting all the vehicles maintained and running. When the put-in team arrives in Kangerlussuaq all cargo, food etc. will be ready to be built on Air Force pallets and shipped to EastGRIP.

FOM, Marie Kirk and CPH FOM Iben Koldtoft