Camp Life

During the field season the EastGRIP camp is populated by more than 30 people; scientists, tradesmen and –women, guests etc. make up a small comunity. The workhours are long however, there is room for some other activites e.g. the weekly Saturday dinner.

On this page you can


Field diaries

Eversince the project began in 2015 a field diary has been kept. In this section you will find new, as well as old field diary entries.

You can sign up to the eastgrip-diary mailing list, and you will thus recieve the field diaries directly from camp. You sign up by following this link. Please note that you cannot reply to this list as all mails, except from the FL and FOMs, will automatically be rejected.

Scroll down to read the latest entry or click on the calender to view the entry on a specific date.


EastGRIP blog from AWI

Read the ice blog from AWI here. The blog post are in German.


The EGRIP Camp

Watch the video showing the birds eye view of the camp in 2016.

Kerim Nisancioglu, UiB.


Guided Tour of the EastGRIP Camp

Take a VR 360° guided tour of the EastGRIP camp from 2018. To learn more about the science conducted go to the Science page

By Susanne Buchardt, DIS.