The East Greenland Ice-core Project

We aim to retrieve an ice core by drilling through the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream (NEGIS)
and hope to gain new knowledge on ice stream dynamics and past climate


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Important: EGRIP 2021 field season cancelled!

It is sad to inform that the EGRIP Steering Committee unanimously has decided to cancel the EGRIP 2021 field season due to the COVID-19 restrictions we expect this summer. To keep a cost-efficient season and to have a camp open to all the participating nations we have decided that full 2022 and 2023 season will give a better solution.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact your national representative (https://eastgrip.nbi.ku.dk/partners/) or our logistical staff, Marie Kirk (m.kirk@nbi.ku.dk) and Iben Koldtoft (koldtoft@nbi.ku.dk).

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Learn more about the project, the partners and the advance of the ice core drilling. Get an overview of the camp and read field-diaries that tells the stories of the daily life in camp. See pictures of the beautiful landscape that surronds the EastGRIP camp, as well as pictures showing vehicles, buildings, equipment and working scientists and personnel. Take a look at the science being conducted on the EastGRIP ice core and lean how the ice can tell us about past climate and ice stream dynamics. The findings from measurements conducted on the main core, as well as associated projects from EastGRIP are published in a range of journals. Here you will find a list of these publications.

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