About EastGRIP

The East Greenland Ice-core Project

The aim of the project is to drill and retrieve an ice core from the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream (NEGIS).

We hope to gain

  • new knowledge on how ice streams ‘behave’ thereby improving the understanding of how ice streams will contribute to future sea-level change.
  • a new record of past climatic conditions from the northeastern part of the Greenland Ice Sheet which will be analyzed at numerous laboratories worldwide.

A complex project

Going to the Greenland Ice Sheet to drill an ice core is of cause not an easy task. The operation includes a vast amount of logistics including making plans for field work, budgets, schedules, documentation for authorities, applying for permissions, purchasing equipment, planning flights, managing accounts, and hiring tradesmen and –women for field work.

The logistics is coordinated by the Danish Centre for Ice and Climate and requires a close collaboration with the US Office of Polar Programs, National Science Foundation (NSF) and the NSF contractor in Greenland CH2MHill Polar Field Services. The flights take place in Hercules airplanes owned by the NSF and operated by the U.S. Air National Guard.

The project also has many partners from all around the world! They contribute to the science and economics of the project.
Learn about the EGRIP partners by clicking on the map below (will open new window directing you to google maps).

Google maps showing project partners

The annual cycle of EastGRIP

The field season is of cause the most active season of the year. However, the project requires a lot of planning and throughout the year scientists are conduction measurements on ice cores and other samples.

The annual cycle below shows an overview of the activities troughout the year

EastGRIP annual cycle
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